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SHARE is a nationwide food program that purchases in huge quantities from well-known food suppliers to offer quality food to families at a reduced cost. Anyone can order.

Here is how the program works:

1. SHARE provides the next month’s menu to the local SHARE organizations such as the Saint Matthew Catholic Church’s Knights of Columbus. For example, the January 2018 SHARE

Menu arrived locally on December 14th . (on back of this flyer)

2. The Local SHARE Coordinator, Dave Scharett, emails local families that have participated in the SHARE Food Program in the past to provide them with the menu.

3. For those families without an email account Dave will call and read them the menu.

4. The next month’s menu will ALSO be available on food.  Distribution Day i.e. when you pick up your December food order on Saturday 16 December, copies of the January Menu will be available for you to take with you.

5. There are three ways to place an order: a. Call Dave with your order, b. Email Dave with your order, c. On Food Distribution Day place an order for the next month.

6. Orders must be placed typically by the first Monday of the month so that they can be submitted by Dave to the SHARE Food Program Regional Office in Maryland.

7. There are several ways to pay: a. Debit/Credit Card, EBT, money order/cash, personal check

8. Food Distribution Day is always on Saturday. Normally the third Saturday of the month. You pick up your food at the Saint Matthew Catholic Church Parish Center between 8 and 9 AM.

Monthly Menu