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St. Lucy Project Driver Schedule

Bishop Burbidge Video about K of C https://www.dropbox.com/s/m9jky902f1pokud/Knights%20of%20Columbus_02.mp4?l=0

How to Join

1. Register at www.KofC.org under the “Join” link

a. Enter our Council Number:  12434

b. Enter Parish:  St. Matthew

c. Enter promo code:  MCGIVNEY2020 to receive a $30 credit and your dues for 2021

    are only $6.00.

2. Contact Your Council:  Grand Knight, John Morris at bkc12434@gmail.com or (540) 842-3138. 

3.  Attend one online Exemplification Ceremony:

a. 2nd Tuesday 7 pm

1. Register at https://meeting.windstream.com/meeting/register/1c298e970fc43e46c233ce85f6087199

b. 4th Thursday 7 pm

1. Register at https://meeting.windstream.com/meeting/register/292e4d199a38b6cb6ea29c12d3679dd3

Bishop Knestout Invitation to Join


Bishop Loverde K of C Founders Day Message - Why you should join the K of C (3 minute YouTube video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsS8xpdwK88&t=1s