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       Verso L’Alto is a parish-based Catholic group centered on drawing closer to Christ through His Church.  Each week we come together for a formation meeting, social outing, or a service event!  Our social events will include social gatherings, liturgies, outdoor trips, retreats, and more!

We have created a FlockNote account with the Parish of St. Mary.  What does this mean?  We will be sending more eye catching, organized emails!  And…if you no longer want to be a part of our mailing list, this is your chance to not take action on the below:)


In order for you to receive emails from us you MUST sign up for the Parish Flock Note first and join our group from there.  To do so:

                                                1) Navigate to Saint Mary’s Homepage

                                                2) Scroll down until you see on the right hand side the


                                                3) Complete the information

                                                4)  Once you are signed up and are on Saint Mary’s

                                                     Dashboard, on the left hand side, join the Verso l’Alto Group.



 Introducing Verso l’Alto -

St. Mary’s Young Adult Ministry

St. Mary Catholic Church

 Fredericksburg, VA