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  Music Planning

    Contacting the Parish

Please contact the Parish Office to help you coordinate a date and time for your event. When speaking with the office staff, please let them know if you would like music and inturn, they will pass your information on to the music team. The Organist or Director of Music will then contact you about musical selections. They will walk you through the process and offer suggestions, if requested. It is also important to let the Parish Office and Music Team know if you are only wanting an Organist or an Organist and a Cantor.


Fees are as follows for a funeral or wedding Mass:

Organist: $150

Cantor: $100

**All fees are due to the Organist/Cantor prior to the start of the services. Checks can be hand delivered to the musician(s).

                                             Outline of Needed Music

When selecting music, the family may provide their wishes for selected music or they may ask for direction from the music team. Selections may  be sung or instrumental. A basic outline of music needed for a funeral Mass is as follows:







Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Acclamation

**A list of approved hymns can be sent to you upon request.

          Contact Information

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